3D Printing the Environment: Tumbler Ridge’s Filaprint

Jody Mitchell, CEO of Filaprint, works on an exact replica of Monkman and Wapiti Park for Tumbler Ridge’s local tourism industry.

Out of Tumbler Ridge, Filaprint is changing the way people experience geography.

Filaprint is an eco-friendly 3D printing company, specializing in land models.

“Tourism is going to be our focus,” says CEO Jody Mitchell.  “Our immediate goal is to showcase Tumbler Ridge Geopark”

Using professional drone piloting services and specialized software ( from local business owner Brandon Braam, Above Tumbler Ridge ), the team takes images of a targeted landscapes such as waterfalls or rock formations, and then prints the topography to create an exact replica in three dimensions.

“I 3D print them, scaled down, to something that people can physically touch,” says Mitchell.  “People can experience these sites and landmarks in 3D in a real model, and then take the tours and see them.”

“It’s so much more interesting than a flat map,” says Mitchell.

Whether in an education or business context, the 3D models attract attention and inspire imagination.  In business meetings, a flat topographical map is merely an accessory.  A 3D model becomes the focal point.

The models are also giving people a chance to experience the world in ways they may not have previously had the opportunity to.  “People from all corners are able to enjoy the Geopark. With a Filaprint 3D model there are no language, education, age or physical limitations keeping people from enjoying landscapes,” said Mitchell.