AirSenze discovers a recipe for success

Want to know the secret to making an app stand out? Mix one part user experience with another part clean design, shake and serve. At least that’s what up-and-coming mobile app development firm AirSenze Solutions swears by.

By combining a love for apps with their experience in secure data and newly acquired skills from the University of Victoria’s MBA program, founders Samarth Mod and Rohit Boolchandani are confident they have found a recipe for success.

Airsenze, also known as FreshWorks Studio, recently launched the free app BCHighways, which helps B.C. motorists plan their daily commute. BCHighways provides users with real-time access to provincial highway information like road closures, planned work and extreme weather conditions by using DriveBC’s Open511 road event data.

Mod and Boolchandani first met as undergrads in Indore, India 10 years ago. After university, they worked as developers together on projects requiring mastery in secure data, like the apps they built for well-established banks like Barclay’s and RBC. It was Boolchandani who decided to come to Canada to earn his MBA first, convincing Mod to also take the plunge. Although he wasn’t first to take the leap to a new country, Mod considers himself the one who sparked the fire to go into business for themselves.

“The first few years were a bit bumpy,” said Mod, reflecting on time spent getting a startup off the ground in a new city, shortly after immigrating to Canada. “But, after committing ourselves to networking and being immersed in the local tech community here, we’ve really found our groove.” Having a few higher profile clients like the City of Victoria and ChatterBlock has also helped AirSenze garner additional praise and credibility.

What really sets AirSenze apart? Both founders use apps significantly in their daily lives, always critiquing the top-rated releases and eager to discover what’s new in app stores. By tapping into their own likes and dislikes as heavy app users, Mod and Boolchandani feel they come to the app development game with a keen eye for design and strong focus on user experience; every app they build goes through multiple iterations to make sure they get the look and feel just right. Both firmly believe an app should be intuitive enough that anyone from a five-year-old to a fifty-year-old could pick it up in just a few swipes. They ensure each app is designed from the ground up to try to stand out from the thousands of apps released daily.

AirSenze Solutions was recently recognized as a top Canadian app developer in 2016 by tech research firm Clutch.