Empowering Better Decisions: Burnaby’s Copperleaf

The team at Copperleaf understands its work as “building a better world, one decision at a time”.

Located in Burnaby, Copperleaf is a company that provides a decision analytics software solution to organizations that manage infrastructure, empowering those organizations to manage risk and improve performance through optimal decision making about the timing and domains in which to invest.

Copperleaf works to ensure effective capital planning across asset-heavy industries that include electrical power generation, transmission and distribution, and gas and water utilities.

In the case of electricity providers for instance, Copperleaf helps companies make investment decisions that will improve the reliability and safety of the grid in a cost effective way. For water utilities, Copperleaf enables them to decide how to invest in their infrastructure to deliver drinking water safely, reliably, and economically. Copperleaf is headed by CEO Judi Hess, who has a long career in technology leadership. Hess provides words of encouragement for women who have their eyes on a career in tech.

“It’s important to be tenacious and to be a risk taker – jumping on opportunities when they present themselves,” says Hess. “You should be comfortable, even if you are the only woman in the room, and if we keep doing that more women will follow. And very importantly, as a woman, you need to continually promote women in tech and women in leadership positions, so we have more role models to provide diversity and, with it, strength.”

She continues, “I think having an education in a STEM field is the basis, and from there, it’s the ability to continually learn, because in tech the rate of change is very fast. As they say ‘things are moving faster today than ever before, but it’s the slowest they will ever be!’ So adaptability is key. If you like a challenge, if you like to create things, and if you like to work in a team then tech is for you.”

Hess also describes the benefits of building a tech company in B.C:

“B.C. is a great location for high tech. The tax structure (e.g. SRED program, low corporate taxes) benefits high tech companies doing research and development in B.C. and doing business here. There is a great talent pool and metro Vancouver is one of the most livable cities in the world with oceans and mountains and a reasonable climate all rolled into one to attract and retain the best talent.”