Enhanced Food Production: Ecoation Innovative Solutions Inc.

B.C. companies’ innovations in food production are also being exported throughout the world.

Ecoations, located in North Vancouver, has developed Crop Sense, a technology that detects minute pest and disease problems early on, enabling growers to address infestation concerns quickly and proactively. The technology is so precise that after thirty seconds of plant signal measurement, it indicates which specific plants have pest problems, how many insects comprise the infestation, their locations, and the duration of time they have been feeding on the plant. The company has received orders from early adopter customers who want to deploy Crop Sense inside their greenhouses.

The technology developed in the province will have benefits elsewhere in the world.

Apart from business improvements derived from the technology, Crop Sense is helping to reduce pesticide applications involved in the food that goes on a family’s table.

The technology developed in the province will have benefits elsewhere in the world. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has provided funds to support a team of international experts, which Ecoation has joined, to create pest management tools for cowpea farmers in West Africa.