Improving Quality of Life: CanAssist

Housed in the University of Victoria, CanAssist is helping to improve the quality of life and independence of individuals with disabilities. In partnership with academic and disability communities, the organization works to expand inclusiveness in society through the creation of technology, programs, and services that increase the ability of those with disabilities to engage and contribute.

“CanAssist has provided customized technology and software that cuts across demographics and locations.”

Individuals, families, and communities have been touched by this work. CanAssist has provided customized technology and software that cuts across demographics and locations. Infants, children, adults, and seniors have all been impacted by their technology and design, and they have extended this impact beyond British Columbia, as people from New Zealand, China, Scotland, and Kenya have experienced CanAssist’s lifechanging customized technology solutions.

One such client is Gordon. For Gordon, a spinal cord injury meant a tremendous curtailment of independence in performing day-to-day tasks. As an individual who loves reading and computers, not being able to turn pages or easily operate a computer created tremendous frustration.

CanAssist delivered technologyenabled solutions that improved Gordon’s quality of life. Through an iPad, customized mount, and mouth stick, he has greater ability to use the computer. Through a customized zero gravity arm support which will keep his arm supported in a neutral state, he will again be able to independently feed himself.