Nanaimo’s Recce Robotics: When Something Big Happens, Their Phone Rings

When a building has collapsed or a storm has struck and people are trapped, time is precious and the stakes are high. Although there is no substitute for human and canine intervention, there are times when access to the confined spaces is either impossible or deemed too dangerous.

The solution? A portable, robotic crawler system with bi-directional audio, variable intensity lights, a colour zoom camera, and the ability to change shape to navigate uneven terrain is precisely the solution that is needed.

“When something big happens, that’s when the phone rings,” says Anne-Marie Williams, president of Nanaimo-based Recce Robotics International Inc. (R2i2), the manufacturer of the Delta Extreme and Delta Micro robots.

R2i2 owns the exclusive license to market these shape-changing robots originally designed by Inuktun Services, Ltd.  As some of the first robotic systems used for Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), these systems have been deployed in response to Hurricane Katrina, California mudslides and the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. And, because of their size and the ability to operate underwater, these crawlers get into areas that people or dogs simply cannot go.

Recce Robotics’ technology continues to revolutionize inspection and urban search and rescue efforts, providing a safer and more effective means of addressing challenging and high-stakes confined-space situations.