Quantum Computing by Burnaby-based D-Wave

It’s a little-known fact that one of the most advanced computer technology companies in the world is located right here in British Columbia. Founded in 1999, Burnaby-based D-Wave is the recognized leader in the development, fabrication, and integration of quantum computers.

What are quantum computers? To put it simply – they’re super computers designed to solve extremely complex problems in mere seconds; problems that would take years for current binary-system computers to solve.

Ten years ago, this technology was considered theoretical in nature, and now D-Wave systems are in use by world-class organizations like NASA, Lockheed Martin, Google and Los Alamos National Labs. The leap from idea to commercialization was helped by venture capital.

It may come as no surprise that D-Wave is one of the province’s largest recipients of venture capital funding, raising $64 million in 2014 alone, with about $174 million raised overall. B.C. investors, using the province’s venture capital tax credit program, have played a significant role in D-Wave’s development, collectively they have invested approximately $24 million – making D-Wave a truly homegrown B.C. tech company that uses venture capital to change the world as we know it.