Snug Vest: Providing Freedom for Families

As a result of greater awareness and better diagnosis, more and more children in B.C. are being diagnosed with autism. Autism can lead to a range of issues, including social challenges and repetitive behaviours.

With no known cure, any assistance to reduce the symptoms associated with autism is valued, as certain environments can be overwhelming for a child with autism, leading to anxiety and situations that can also interfere with every day family activities.

Thanks to a breakthrough innovation developed here in B.C., a new technology is allowing families to engage in activities they weren’t able to before.

This is all possible thanks to Lisa Fraser, who developed the Snug Vest after she saw the positive effects of Deep Pressure Therapy on children with special needs who displayed extreme anxiety. Like Deep Pressure Therapy, the Snug Vest provides immediate intervention for individuals with autism.

Lisa’s stylish inflatable vest allows each user to administer surface pressure to the body so the feeling of a firm hug is created, which activates the nervous system, reducing cortisol and adrenaline.

“Kids crave that pressure, especially children with autism,” said Fraser. “The vest provides a drug-free solution, inducing a calming effect that reduces behavioural episodes.”

The Snug Vest provides freedom for many families; for example, allowing them to sit down at a restaurant and enjoy a meal with their autistic child, or to go grocery shopping together – something that would not have otherwise been possible due to elevated anxiety levels.

Driven by a passion to design a product that could help children with autism, the Snug Vest is an example of how a B.C.-born technology is changing the lives of thousands of individuals around the world with not only autism, but ADHD, anxiety, and sensory challenges.