Women in Tech: RevenueWire’s CEO and Executive of the Year

Bobbi Leach, CEO of RevenueWire, has just had a banner year having been named 2015 Executive of the Year by the Victoria Advanced Technology Council and awarded the Stevie Award for Female Executive of the Year in Canada.

RevenueWire, headquartered in Victoria, securely processes online payments for companies in over 120 countries that sell digital products. Combined with performance marketing services, RevenueWire also helps digital companies acquire new customers and optimize their revenue.

Over the past five years, RevenueWire has experienced enormous growth, a result Leach credits primarily to the company’s passionate team and its ability to build technology and end-to-end services that address their clients’ evolving needs. For women aspiring to have a career in tech, specifically as a founder or executive, Leach makes an exceptional role model.

In the six years Leach has been CEO, revenue at the company has grown nearly 400%, and the number employed has increased more than five-fold.

The key determinant to a successful career in tech, according to Leach, is curiosity and the willingness to pursue it.

“The most important characteristic to a successful career in tech is your natural curiosity. Technology and markets are constantly changing, so you need to embrace the reality of continuous learning and adapting in order to survive and prosper,” says Leach.

People entering the tech sector should focus on having strong vision and being able to identify a real market opportunity.

“ Whether it’s a career in tech or starting your own tech company, you need to be passionate about what you’re pursuing,” says Leach. “There are going to be challenges and setbacks, so you need to believe in your vision and your abilities in order to persevere.”