Whether you are a coder looking for data for your app, a student with research questions, or simply want to know more about B.C., its people, geography and government, DataBC is your place to find data, applications and geographic services.

Data is a strategic asset that can be used by others as a catalyst for innovation and provide a foundation for decision-making. Access to reliable, authoritative data gives citizens and businesses the raw material to make informed decisions and create opportunities.

DataBC encourages broad data sharing with the public and across government, as open data whenever possible. The BC Data Catalogue provides easy access to public government data, applications and web services. These datasets are under multiple license types, with thousands of datasets under the Open Government License – British Columbia.

Our geographic services can help you to map and analyze data, find tools to help you conduct your own research, develop applications, or to simply satisfy your own curiosity. These services are part of the provincial Spatial Data Infrastructure – a shared resource of geographic data and platform services.