International Business Activity Program

The International Business Activity (IBA) program provides eligible corporations, certain foreign banks authorized to carry on business in Canada, and specialists employed by these entities a refund of the B.C. income tax paid on income related to the corporation’s international business carried on in B.C.

An eligible corporation or foreign bank authorized to carry on business in Canada must register itself, and any specialists employed by it, to qualify for a refund under the IBA program. A refund will be paid to a registered entity or an IB specialist only after all B.C. and federal income taxes for the tax year are paid.

Please note: In 2010 the International Finance Activity Act was renamed the International Business Activity Act and the program is now known as the International Business Activity (IBA) program.

To learn more about what types of international businesses and specialists are eligible, how to register and how to apply for a refund, click here.